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@Manhattan Mall

by dsfxmn1 November 6 2012, 20:09


From Instagram

by dsfxmn1 November 6 2012, 17:41


Sleight of Mouth: The Art of Jackassery

by dsfxmn1 August 21 2011, 16:50 Uncategorized

Note: Sorry for the lack of pictures in this post. Usually I like sprinkling my posts with pretty things to look at but I wrote and posted this entry completely...

Technical Difficulties

by dsfxmn1 August 15 2011, 17:06 Uncategorized

I figured I should explain the lack of updates lately so that people don’t start thinking that I’ve just abandoned the website. Far from it actually. However...

The Legend of the Marco Whisperer

by dsfxmn1 July 24 2011, 18:19 Uncategorized

Most people think that I am not capable of being in a relationship, it’s simply not true. I was in a relationship for five fucking years after all, and...

Asshole In Shining Armor

by dsfxmn1 July 7 2011, 11:30 Uncategorized

Winter 2006: So even though it seems like I am a bottomless pit of sarcasm, asshole remarks, humor, wit, and smart arsery, which honestly most of the time...

Oh My God Marco, They're Going To Rape Us

by dsfxmn1 June 23 2011, 05:45 Uncategorized

June 2011: Sometimes stupid things happen. Even to smart people. You can’t explain it, you can’t stop it, it just happens. You can either choose to be...

She's Like A VW Beetle

by dsfxmn1 June 13 2011, 05:08 Uncategorized

I have a group of friends that I just have the stupidest conversations I’ve ever had with. Iron Mike, Him, Church, The Murderer, and Evil Twin. While they’re...

The Night I Faked An Orgasm

by dsfxmn1 June 9 2011, 17:53 Uncategorized

April 2011: This story is one that I’m not sure any of my friends have heard. I was going through a lot of drama at the time and even though this story...

How To Be Bad Ass

by dsfxmn1 June 2 2011, 16:04 Uncategorized

Spring 2009: Two Latinos walk into a bar. No, that’s not the start of a bad joke, that’s actually how my night started one day in the spring of 2009. It...

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